Emotion Aware Artificial Intelligence (eA-AI)

Enhance long-term customer relationships, satisfaction, and brand loyalty

Xoltar creates Advanced Virtual AI Representatives, equipped with human-like skills that facilitate a superb customer interaction, such as the ability to understand the counterpart’s verbal and non verbal communication.

What makes Xoltar’s AI representatives unique is their ability to control the  conversation narrative, working with predefined KPIs, while conducting countless simultaneous customer interactions .

Using Xoltar’s Emotion Aware Artificial Intelligence (eA-AI), businesses can leverage enhanced emotion data to boost customer experience even further, better converge online customer journeys with real life interactions.

Xoltar’s AI reps can help businesses foster long-term emotional relationships and brand loyalty, all while reducing variable costs and improving performance.  

Xoltar’s Virtual representatives can be customized to represent the company’s brand and even adjust their nature e.g gender, skin tone, hair, etc.)

Our Offering

Administrative Tools
Our web-based administrative tools provide an easy solution to reconfigure the Xoltar Kiosk based on ongoing changes in the business and shifting design preferences.

BI Dashboard
Our AI-powered kiosks are the eyes and ears of your floor. Our web-based BI dashboard provides
a digested visualization of this important data and produces reports, insights, and KPI tracking.

Our professional support team is dedicated to finding the right solutions for your technical inquiries and for making major changes to the Xoltar Kiosk script and personality.

AI-Powered Kiosk
Our personalized on-premise AI assistants use both verbal and nonverbal communication to help customers with inquiries, wayfinding, and facilitate efficient guest services.


Customize virtual representatives consistent with your brand identityand customers can personalize them to become more endearing

Carry out personalized lifelike conversations with modified flows based on real-time emotional analysis

Create deep long-term emotional relationship with customers and foster greater brand loyalty

Cloud based to enable scalable customer service and millions of simultaneous interactions

Integrate virtual representatives into existing apps, websites and more

Faster time-to-resolution and exceptional customer satisfaction

Upselling opportunities for ancillary revenue streams

Reduce variable operating costs

Receive unique customer insights

Always up to date

How it works

One time solution development – customizing product features according to site survey and client requests.

One time hardware Installation – dedicated kiosks are installed on site.

Monthly subscription – Includes support, software updates, and access to admin dashboard.



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CEO & Co-Founder

Tal Meller

CPO & Co-Founder

Zack Hershkovich


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